REACH Youth Program

REACH Youth Program

The REACH Youth Program supported healthy development of youth for their successful transition to adulthood.

Through REACH, we helped California Capital Region youth succeed by increasing participation in quality programs and activities, providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership and decision-making skills, and helping communities take positive action for youth.

REACH focused on that critical time when youth begin experiencing growing independence, and when decisions can have a profound effect on healthy development and successful progression to adulthood. It is also a time when, provided with sufficient skills and support, youth can make decisions to avoid risky behaviors.

We committed $8 million over four years (from 2006 to 2010) for youth through the REACH program. Funding is no longer available through the REACH program.

Please visit the Youth Resources section of our web site for Youth Development and REACH resources.

REACH Program Evaluation

From 2006 to 2010, we committed $8 million through the REACH Youth Program to support the healthy development of young people in the Greater Sacramento region.

Committed to making REACH a learning opportunity, we partnered with evaluators at the California Communities Program at University of California, Davis, who interviewed almost 350 youth and adults from the program and observed more than 320 meetings and events from 2007 to 2010.

The result is an evaluation report — Engaging Youth in Community Change: Outcomes and Lessons Learned from Sierra Health Foundation's REACH Youth Program. — which documents lessons learned, detailing the successes and challenges of seven REACH community coalitions. It is our hope that this report will benefit other organizations, communities and funders that might be engaged in or considering similar youth development and community building efforts.

Along with the evaluation report, the California Communities Program developed the REACH Issue Brief series, which addresses six topics in-depth:

  • Benefits and Challenges in Building a Community Youth Development Coalition
  • Community-School Partnerships to Support Youth Development
  • Youth-Produced Media in Community Change Efforts
  • Engaging Parents in a Community Youth Development Initiative
  • Using a Camp to Bolster Youth-driven Community Change
  • Toward Making Good on All Youth: Engaging Underrepresented Youth Populations in Community Youth Development

Download the evaluation report and issue briefs on our Youth Resources page.