Organizational Development

Sierra Health Foundation’s ultimate success in improving the health of Northern Californians is dependent upon the existence of strong, viable nonprofit organizations. Between 2002 and 2007, we supported health-related nonprofits with the Organizational Development grant program.

The program was designed to help nonprofits improve their operations, management and administration. It was intended to equip an organization with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to address a range of internal organizational opportunities and challenges. We awarded 43 Organizational Assessment grants between 2002 and 2007 to health-related nonprofit organizations. The grants were approximately $10,000 each to cover consulting costs.

The assessment process began with an independent organizational assessment, overseen by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. To conduct the assessment, the nonprofit organization's governing board, staff and other key stakeholders were guided by consultants to use a standarized assessment tool to examine the organization's capacities in regard to governance, program, management, and environmental challenges and opportunities. Each team identified the organization's strengths, weaknesses and specific areas that needed improvement, and then developed an action plan to establish priorities and managerial benchmarks.