Implementation Plan Process

This information is archived for reference only. It was posted on March 19, 2013.

As we are entering into the writing phase that we have discussed over the last six months, we want to make sure that folks have a sense of the process of developing the Community Transformation Implementation Plan (CTIP). We will take the following nine steps to prepare to move from capacity to implementation:

  1. Performance determined by CDC on how quickly the coalition moves to reach three milestones that will be described in the Interim Progress report: 1) Development of a Leadership Team, 2) Completion of a Policy Scan, Community Needs Assessment and a Communication’s Plan, and 3) A Framework for the Community Transformation Implementation Plan.
  2. In order to meet the third milestone, there will be a small group selected by Sierra Health Foundation made up of consultants and coalition members writing the implementation plan.
  3. This group will take the products from: a) the coalition workgroups, b) the guidance provided by CDC, c) what is known about complementary efforts (i.e., Building Healthy Communities, SNAP-ED, Healthy Eating Active Living Collaborative, etc.), and d) how Healthy Sacramento Coalition’s efforts align with the other 61 grantees across the nation—and synthesize them into the CTIP framework required by CDC.
  4. Writing of the CTIP framework will be completed by April 19.
  5. The place for coalition input to refine this framework will be at the upcoming General Coalition, Steering Committee and Leadership Team meetings.
  6. The CTIP will be further refined by feedback from the CDC.
  7. Once there is general agreement on the CTIP’s framework from the CDC, it will come back to the coalition for approval.
  8. The request for resources will be defined by CDC guidance. There is no identified date given by CDC when to expect this guidance.
  9. The approach to resource allocation will be informed by, and consequently take place after, the development of the CTIP framework.

Download the Implementation Plan Development Process presentation from the Feb. 27 coalition meeting.

See meeting summaries and presentations from previous meetings on the Healthy Sacramento Coalition web page.

March 19, 2013
Robert Phillips, Director of Health Programs
Sierra Health Foundation